Dog Walking

20150713_145In addition to providing food ,water and cuddles ,daily exercise is a need that must be met for our dogs mental and physical health. Outdoor exercise is so much more than an opportunity for a wee or poo. Our dogs have inborn traits which need to be satisfied.So many behavioural issues arise when exercise is limited such as, excessive barking, destructive behaviour and  hyperactivity. Do you come home from work to chewed woodwork or soft furnishings  scattered and torn? Consider giving your dog the stimulation it deserves during the day when he or she is left alone. A tired dog is definitely a content and happy creature. We also understand that our elderly canine family members may not need an hours stomp,so for these we can provide 1/2 an hour sedate stroll or even let them out into the garden for a mooch. Whatever you feel your dog needs call us to arrange a visit to chat about your requirements.

  • Dogs will be exercised on lead, singularly, or with other family dogs .Not mixed groups
  • Dogs can be exercised off lead with the agreement of the owner when a relationship is established
  • Exercise can be offered in private and secure fenced fields on our small holding
  • We provide our own poo bags and waste will be disposed of responsibly
  • Dogs will be washed and towelled down if required following walk
  • A flexible service is offered adaptable to your needs e.g covering shift patterns
  • Dogs with behavioural issues may be accepted after an assessment with Jo
  • Our focus is on providing a quality service ,not a mass pack free for all.


Prices based on one dog, additional dogs by negotiation.

Area A – 1/2hr £8

Area B – 1/2hr £12

Area A – 1hr £12

Area B – 1hr £15

Click here for Area Coverage Map

Longer walks can be undertaken.

We are happy to provide our services outside these areas with an additional mileage charge.