Training and Behaviour

Training classes are available to provide group (maximum 6) training. One-to-one consultations and training sessions are available where this may be required or more appropriate.

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In my experience there are a few important advantages of classes over one to one sessions. The first and most important being socialisation. With puppies and young dogs the socialisation aspect of the class is fundamental. Socialisation means learning how to behave in an acceptable manner amongst other dogs and people. This may be a hard lesson for the puppy that has not learnt to ignore other dogs or people, not everyone wants to be its friend.

Handlers can learn from other handlers and their dogs, particularly if a problem arises that they may not have had to deal with. They can watch and learn techniques, which may be useful at a future date.

It can be helpful to take the dog away from its home environment to focus both the handler and the dog on training rather than day-to-day distractions at home. Cost may also play a part, class lessons are usually cheaper.


I work in a very hands on way with your dog to demonstrate what you the owner needs to do to correct the behaviour. I have experience of working with all types and breeds of dog .I can help with a broad range of dog training and behaviour from getting started with a new puppy or an older rescue dog, plus recall, lead work through to aggression.

There are several different types of aggression. Training has to suit the breed and temperament of the dog, whilst giving the owner the knowledge and experience to deal with the issues.

I use my own dogs when working with aggressive dogs, they help me to assess the degree and type of aggression and formulate a way forward.

I believe owner/dog relationships can reinforce unwanted behaviours, even causing fear, nervousness and aggression. Owners often unintentionally reward these behaviours giving confused signals to their dogs .

Most of us share our homes with our dogs but it is important to establish rules. Dogs are social creatures and are able to understand body language and physical signs. What makes them even more special is they are capable of transferring this ability to another species, us humans. Perhaps explaining why they are such amazing companions.

What I try to achieve is a clear understanding between you and your dog to enhance your ability to improve your relationship and to communicate in a simple straightforward manner.

People can struggle to understand why a dog behaves the way they do in certain situations. We are responsible for some of these behaviours because we have selectively bred the dog to heighten certain required characteristics to perform a specific role. For example Border Collies working sheep or Spaniels sniffing explosives or drugs. Seeing these relationships these handlers have with their dogs convinces perspective owners they would like that specific breed of dog. What you must appreciate is these behaviours are ingrained and must be channelled.

My personnel goal is to bring about the best possible outcome for the dog and its family. I am passionate and committed to helping people enjoy their dog.