Pet Agility

Pet Agility

Pet agility classes are run at our purpose built agility centre at our home. Lessons are run by Jo and take place on our secure,  all weather surface using a full range of Kennel Club Standard agility equipment. Jo is a trained dog agility instructor.

Most breeds of dog are capable of some level of agility and would benefit from the exercise, mental stimulation, control and improved partnership with their owners. We at Mannerly Mutts welcome handlers of all ages and fitness levels. Our aim is to provide family pet agility which can also provide a sound foundation for anyone wishing to pursue agility competition.

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All training is done in small groups.


Basic dog control and obedience is a minimum requirement for all Agility. Mannerly Mutts offer beginner courses of obedience training. Simple control exercises “sit”,”down”,”stay” and “come” are fundamental. Initial training is on lead but this will soon be dispensed with.

Young dogs can start puppy agility training at 9 months with exercises designed to prepare them for proper agility at 12 months. This is dependant on the breed of dog. Large breeds take longer to mature. Certain aspects of agility can cause damage to immature bones and joints.

Beginners courses will start at regular intervals throughout the year.

Prices for a 6 week course are £45.

Private one-to-one lessons are also available at £30/hr.

Vouchers are available for gifts.

Private agility lessons are suited to dogs with behavioural issues such as dog aggression, and dogs with weight issues as part of an exercise regime.

All classes are very popular and need to be booked in advance.

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