About Jo

My name is Jo Bargman, I am married to Chris. We own 2 horses, 1 donkey, 5 dogs, 1 cat, numerous chickens and ducks. We grow our own vegetables and love gardening. I breed and show my Large Munsterlanders.

My first experience of dog training was with my own dogs at a local obedience club. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, obtained my Kennel Club Good Citizen up to gold with my dogs and continued going for several years until the teacher retired. With hindsight, I realise how instrumental these classes were in awakening a passion for dog training. I had by this time started breeding my own dogs, German Shepherds and Large Munsterlanders, under the Crumpsbrook kennel name.

It became apparent that there was a gap in the market locally for someone to set up training classes. I helped my new owners with the training of their puppies, which in turn led to telephone calls from strangers asking for help with their dogs. At first I declined these requests because I was concerned at my lack of formal teaching experience plus I had no accreditation or insurance. My husband encouraged me to source some form of training. I researched various courses on the Internet and I enrolled on the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers residential course in April 2010. The main focus of the BIPDT is to teach instructional techniques. Personal experience of training dogs is important for this course. I am glad I managed to pass and it has given me a good foundation to build on though it is not for the faint hearted.

My initial interest lay in teaching owners to improve their relationship with their family pets and to be confident in their ability to take their family dog out into the public domain. It quickly became apparent that there was very little understanding of how or why a dog behaves in the way it does. I did have my own experiences of dog ownership to fall back on, but gradually I began to receive enquiries from owners with dogs with behavioural issues. I was again in a position where I had no accreditation or qualification to call myself a behaviourist. The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training met my criteria with a comprehensive programme of distance, practical and residential workshop learning. They are an accredited partner of Middlesex University and offer degree courses. I have been studying with the CIBDT since August 2011.

I believe training should be held in a variety of situations. Too many dogs behave impeccably in their home environment or in a hall and then when faced with the varied distractions of the real world the focus of the dog disappears and the owner really struggles.

Classes may not be ideal for all dogs and handlers for many reasons. I therefore offer one to one sessions at my own home, at the client’s home or in the location where the issues arise. These are tailored to the client’s individual needs solving behavioural or training issues.

In 2015 I attended a Dog Agility Instructors course and teach pet dog agility during the week.

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