Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour Consultations

One to One sessions are much more tailored to the individual dog and handler. They allow me to adopt a learning style suitable to the client and their dogs specific issues.

Behavioural consultations can take place at either your own home or at our purpose build and dog secure training centre.


Whatever your problem I can work to help you improve or resolve the behaviour in question.

  • Behavioural Issues (e.g separation anxiety,  attention seeking,  excessive barking)
  • Obedience Training (e.g recall, pulling on lead, jumping-up)
  • Dog on Dog Aggression
  • Dog on People Aggression
  • Advice for New Dog Owners
  • Puppy Visits (play biting, toilet training, health advice)

I have developed my knowledge through observational work with my own dogs, teaching 6 classes a week and my study with the Cambridge Institute. I consider myself responsible to help the journey our dogs have made from the wild into the modern home. This journey can cause conflict when we do not understand our dogs basic needs and breed traits. I try to understand the many corresponding relationships between people and their pets and work to help the owners train or rehabilitate their dog. The advise I offer is flexible and  practical and help is given to ensure the advise is understood. The consultations may take place either at the owners home or mine .

20150714_129There are a few  important advantages of One to One sessions over classes. More time is available to discuss the care and management of the dog. They take the form of the initial information gathering ,to extract the information that is pertinent to the problem. Behavioural problems in dogs vary immensely. Problems most commonly presented are often the dog behaving in a normal way, a way that the dog reacts in a given situation. Of course this does not make the behaviour acceptable.

A good example of this is when a dog destroys furniture and howls and barks when alone. The dog is trying to cope with his boredom and anxiety at being isolated . This is not acceptable, not fair on the dog or the neighbours.

The cause of a problem is always useful to establish so an understanding of how and why the problem came about.This cause must be dealt with so that by default the symptom disappears .Some of these problems may simply be that the puppy has matured without the correct training and management.

I find that people have different views of what is a behavioural problem. Many owners accept a dog jumping up on people climbing on furniture or occasional chewing of household items .It really is a case of how much the behaviour affects the owners lifestyle. Even dogs which are dog aggressive may not be a problem if they seldom meet another dog.

20150714_130Booking a Consultation

  • Flexible appointments (weekends, weekdays, evenings)
  • Appointments at your home or mine
  • Consultation costs £30/hr (or part thereof)
  • Travel charged at 40p mile
  • Follow-up phone and email advice

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